The NYC Filmmakers Festival has gone into hibernation! As a tightly run festival, much of the work in putting it together fell on my shoulders, and fortunately/unfortunately my like hase become quite busy, leaving little time to put together a proper next season. When i am able, the festival shall return!

Thank you to all of those who made the seasons a great experience! Sincerely, Darren Levine

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From the desk of Darren Levine
Festival Director & Co-Founder
NYC Filmmaker's Fest

Dear FilmMaker,

Like yourself, I am a filmmaker, and also the proud festival director of the
THIRD Annual New York City FilmMakers Fest. Our first two years went great, people thought we had been around a lot longer!

And, because I am a Filmmaker too, I know just how hard it is to have your film seen by
more than a few of your close friends and family, let alone have it distributed in a way
that you might actually make money or give your film career a helping hand.

That‚€™s why I got together with a few industry players who understand indie film and
the needs of indie filmmakers, including: Frank Zagottis, award winning writer and
Marc Baron of the NY SAG board, just to name a couple.

We all got together in order to create a new kind of festival because we truly understand
independent filmmakers like yourself, and we all respect your bold, artistic, personal vision!.

So don‚€™t worry, we‚€™re not looking for films with multi-million dollar budgets and
a cast full of name actors‚€¶ Instead we‚€™re looking for true independent films
with heart, soul, desire, and a love of the art of Film and Video storytelling.

And even if you don't have a current film to submit, that's OK!...

Submit a screenplay or just attend the festival in order to network with the 100s of other
indie filmmakers and other industry folks. Not only will you enjoy yourself, but the connections
and friendships you make will last a lifetime and can continually advance your career.

So don't wait...

Welcome to New York Filmmaker Festival  


"Finally! A film festival that's not just another studio or political excercise.
Instead, this festival truly wants to help indie filmmakers overcome the obstacles they face on a daily basis... I love it!"

Anthony Costa - New York, NY
Trabels4Ever Productions



"Working with Darren Levine on The YES Movie was wonderful and he is truly a professional whose personality brings out the best in everyone. I am excited to see the success of NYC Filmmaker's Fest, and if Darren is involved I know it will be a great event"

Louis Lautman - Miami, FL
Louis Lautman Prductions



"Working with Darren Levine in his studio was a great help to the feature film production of 'Engaging'. He's a knowledgeable filmmaker and just straight forward fun to work with on the set. I'm looking forward to his film festival and hopefully one of my films will make it in!"

P.J. Galati - New York, NY
BlueCast Productions

Welcome to New York Filmmaker Festival